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This is Meghan, the office manager at VISIO photography.  I’ve decided to hijack the blog and share some of my thoughts (because I have my own and hey, can’t we all use a break from James every now and then?)  🙂  I kid, I kid… moving on.

I love design.  My favorite tv shows have always been anything house-related on HGTV or TLC (although my guilty pleasure has always been the Bachelor/ette).  My mom and I had a ritual – every night at 10pm, we would sit in front of the tv and watch House Hunters, each guessing which house the person/couple would choose.  My favorite episodes were (and still are) the ones where the person/couple had a huge budget so they looked at all of these fabulously huge and fancy houses.  It fascinated me.  My favorite part is the last five minutes when the show visits the home a few months later to see how it’s been decorated.

I also loved decorating my room growing up.  I remember a few years when my birthday present was a new comforter set or wall color.  I was a little obsessed with keeping my room clean.  Everything had a place and was situated just so.  Unfortunately, I’m not as much of a neat freak now as I was then, but my love for creating comfort and style in a room hasn’t changed.

I’ve noticed over the last year or two that cool colors are becoming increasingly popular.  Blues, greens and even grays are being used more and more in homes and I have to admit, I jumped on the gra(v)y train in our bedroom at home.  Here’s a quick shot I took after it was finished:

asheville wedding photographer

{ can you guess who took the shot hanging above our bed? 🙂 my dad made the frame out of wormy chestnut from an old house on our farm }

I love how clean and simple it looks.  The room is so bright and airy, even though it’s on the small side (10×12).  I think the wall paneling really added to the effect.  The color is Moonshine by Benjamin Moore, but matched to Valspar which is low VOC.  I saw it used first on Young House Love (love their blog!) and knew I needed it in my bedroom.

Anyways, all that to say that my interest in design is ever growing, especially since working with James and Jenny.  Almost daily we’re sharing ideas and inspiration from the web, magazines, other people’s homes, photography, etc.  I love giving ideas and opinions on images and seeing the talent James and Jen have.  It encourages me to see beyond what’s right in front of me and notice things I didn’t before.  Example:  I used to not pay much attention to how the fog settles between the mountains, the contrast of colors in the leaves during fall or even how the light streams through our trees and into our fields on our farm at home.  Now I pay more attention to the details in the beauty that surrounds us (especially living here in the mountains) and I’m so thankful for the constant inspiration!  So… my question is, what inspires you?






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